Wind Pressure Design Analysis Software

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With Digital Canal’s wind pressure analysis software for structural engineering, there are a number of features that make this tedious job much easier. It’s extraordinary to use, and offers uncompromising accuracy along with top-notch reports. The current versions are based on ASCE 7-10 and 7-05. Our wind pressure analysis software programs have two methods: one for low-rise buildings and the other for buildings of all heights, open buildings, freestanding walls and signs and other structures.

Wind Pressure Design Programs for Structural Engineering

Our wind pressure analysis programs for engineering have adjustments for Mean Sea Level, Importance Factor, Exposure Category and topography that are all made automatically. The frontal area of the structure can be put in and the program will then integrate the pressures over the frontal area to determine forces, overturning moments and shears.

For your own peace of mind and easy verification, computations are listed for each step. Version 9 has a new interface that works just like a wizard. It will guide you through the input process. If all of this sounds good, then why not download a live, working copy of the wind pressure analysis software for structural engineering so you can evaluate it?

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