Digital Canal Corporation began operations in December of 2001 as the result of purchasing the Building Design Divisions from NASDAQ listed Eagle Point Software.

Digital Canal structural software is a time-tested market leader. Our software and services have served 11,000+ clients worldwide which provides confirmation that our software modules have stood the test of time.

We recognize that to grow our company we must help you grow yours. To increase our profits, we must help you increase yours. It’s a simple formula, but a powerful one.

We want to hear from you!

Our President’s personal e-mail address is egraham@digitalcanal.com.

Send him your input, suggestions, etc. He welcomes your feedback. Our customers’ suggestions are the best design input we receive!.


We’re located in Dubuque, Iowa on the banks of the Mississippi River. In December of 2001, the company moved into our “new” facility, which was built in 1916. The business park was recently renovated and named Fountain Park.

The entire complex includes an Italianate mansion (which housed priests at one time), a church, and a convent (which Digital Canal now occupies.)