Wind Analysis Software For Building Analysis

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Structural engineering firms across the country as well as overseas choose Digital Canal’s Wind Analysis software for open building analysis as well as closed building analysis. That’s because it’s designed to let engineers easily calculate design wind pressures.

What Makes the Wind Analysis Building Software Program Unique?

Wind Analysis uses ASCE’s “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.” Whether you’re using Wind Analysis software for closed building analysis or for an open building design, you can be assured of precise calculations for buildings of virtually any height.

The latest version includes:

The Wind Analysis closed building analysis program lets you calculate a variety of wind loads as you design your structures. Of course, with Wind Analysis, open building analysis software doesn’t get any better.

Why Choose Digital Canal?

In addition to our Wind Analysis software for open building analysis and closed buildings, we have structural design software programs for virtually all of your structural design needs. All are designed to be easy to use and versatile enough that you can use them for practically all of your work.

At Digital Canal, we cut out the middle man. That means there’s no third party mark-ups or delays. Our clients deal directly with our experienced developers and product managers.

We offer award-winning customer support and training for help if and when you need it, either via phone or online. If you have an idea for a new program that would make your life easier, let us know! We get our ideas from our clients.

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