Timber Design Software For NDS 2005

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What Is Timber Design?

Digital Canal’s Timber Design software for NDS 2005 design specifications lets you design multi-span columns or beams or columns for axial loads, axial-bending interaction, bi-axial bending, shear, torsion, support bearing and deflections. It’s sophisticated and versatile enough for jobs of all sizes, but easy to learn and simple to use.

Timber Design NDS design specification software is the most powerful wood design software on the market. It can analyze any column or beam regardless of loading and support conditions. It’s available with Wizards that help guide you through the process. If you can imagine it, our Timber Design NDS design specification software can help you design it.

Award-Winning Support for Our Clients

When you purchase our Timber Design NDS 2005 design specification program or any of our other products, you’ll get technical support from engineering professionals, including our experienced product managers and developers. You choose the level of support you need -– from our “Pay as You Go” option to our VIP Subscription program, which offers both telephone and Internet support.

All of our software programs, including our Timber Design software for NDS 2005 design specifications, are designed be usable quickly and easily to save you valuable time. However, we offer a variety of training options from modules to online training support to help you get the most out of your software

Take Advantage of Our Free Demo and Trial

We think that you’ll find that our Timber Design software for NDS 2005 design specifications is just what you’re looking for, but we want you to be sure. That’s why we offer a free demo as well as a free trial period, so that you can “kick the tires” before you purchase it.

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