Timber Design Software For Load Analysis

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Digital Canal provides a proven and time-tested suite of 19 professional software models, including Timber Design software for load analysis. These products are designed to help your firm be smarter, faster and more efficient than the competition in your everyday workload. Digital Canal also wants to keep your investment low because we want to keep our reputation as having the most valuable professional level software in the industry.

Timber Design Load Analysis Software for Structural Engineers

If you’re looking for the most powerful wood design software available today, look no farther than Digital Canal’s Timber Design. It’s powered by the STRAAD finite element engine and can analyze any column or beam, regardless of loading conditions or support. It can even design and analyze beams on a grade. Even though it is sophisticated software, Timber Design software for structural engineers is very easy to use. In fact, there are only four dialog boxes with Wizards available to help guide you through the input process.

Timber Design load analysis software uses the NDA 2005 design code to design columns or multi-span beams for:

Members can have up to 15 spans and be constructed of more than one member. If you can think of it, Timber Design software for load analysis can design it. There are also automatic load calculations for wind and snow loads. Load combinations are generated automatically using ASCE 2005.

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When it comes to professional level software in the structural engineering industry, Digital Canal has what you need. Our technical support and customer service after the sale are excellent and it’s something we take a great deal of pride in. The developers of our software are who provides our technical support for our customers – after all, who better to help you?

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