Timber Design Software For Concentrated Loads

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Our Timber Design software for concentrated load design is powerful, versatile and yet easy to use. Structural engineers trust Digital Canal’s Timber Design for floor load design software that provide proven results.

Why Engineers Rely on Timber Design Software for Live Load Design for Floors and Roofs

You won’t find a more powerful choice than Timber Design for roof load design software or for floor loads. Timber Design:

It provides virtually unlimited design capability. If you can imagine it, Timber Design can do it.

We Save Our Clients Time and Money by Cutting out the Middle Man

When you choose Digital Canal for your Timber Design software for concentrated load design, there’s no middle man adding unnecessary mark-ups. Therefore, you get this and all of our software products for great prices.

We Offer Customer Support and Training from Experienced Engineers

When you purchase Timber Design or any of our software, you choose the level of customer support you need, from our “Pay as You Go” option to our VIP Subscription program, which includes telephone as well as Internet-based support.
All of our software programs are designed so that little training is required. Training modules are included, but we also offer online training support to help you get the most out of your software.

Ask About Our Free Demo and Trial Period

We want our clients to be sure that our Timber Design software for concentrated load design and all of our products are what they’re looking for before they make the purchase. That’s why we offer a free demo and free trial. Call us or contact us online today to learn more!

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