Structural Engineering Software

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What can the right structural engineering software do to improve your organization’s quality and response time? At Digital Canal, we believe that engineering software should be comprehensive, intuitive and consistently upgraded to stay current with the latest design codes and trends.

We help you take the guesswork out of choosing the best fit in structural engineering software with our programs, including the Digital Canal structural engineering Utility Module Library. This arsenal of tools helps you deliver quality to your clients through detailed visualizations, and it also improves internal communication through advanced reporting options.

At Digital Canal, we pride ourselves on supporting our clients through their selection of structural engineering software that is customized to fit their needs.
Structural engineering software that satisfies your clients

If you are still using PDF documents and two-dimensional renderings to communicate with your clients, you may be running a risk of being left behind. Today’s discriminating clients demand three-dimensional visualizations that “put them in the building,” allowing them to experience every aspect of the project.

At the same time, your professional team requires a quick, easy-to-use program that delivers quick and easy design checks, along with other key information to get the job done on time. Our enhanced suite of products includes retaining wall, masonry wall, and 14 additional design and analysis tolls, providing you with the professional capabilities that will expand your industry reach and increase your profits.


Put award-winning solutions to work for your business

Instead of purchasing multiple software programs that then have to be altered to “talk” to each other, why not consider the comprehensive solution at Digital Canal? Our Digital Canal structural engineering software gives you the tools to create an accurate design, deliver top-quality results and retain clients over the long term.

We offer free trials of our structural engineering software modules so you can make sure our products suit your specific business needs. Ready to try out our award-winning products? Contact us now to learn more.

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