Structural Engineering Software

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Apply the industry’s leading structural engineering software to your projects or business by exploring the advanced capabilities of Digital Canal. We have developed a comprehensive digital solution that streamlines many of the structural engineering tasks associated with design and build projects.

This special structural engineering software features 19 different professional software modules, which makes quick, easy work out of everything from wind analysis to retaining walls, frame analysis, beam/column design and more.

With our powerful tools, engineers of all backgrounds and skill levels are able to leverage its benefits, which equate to higher productivity and better accuracy — two things that are crucial to both your projects and your business as a whole.

Why invest in Digital Canal’s structural engineering software?

There are certainly a variety of digital tools available on the market, but a long list of builders, engineers and architects lean on Digital Canal and our suite of products for a reason. Some of those reasons include:

With one piece of software, you get an entire tool box of tools and solutions. Digital Canal will effectively transform the way that you approach projects and do business.

You can get a free trial of this innovative structural engineering software. Sign up online or connect with a member of our team to get started.