Steel Column Design Software

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Structural engineering firms that are looking for steel column design software programs can find just what they need at Digital Canal. Our steel column design software for structural engineer firms will easily design or check steel beams, columns and single span beam-columns using the 9th, 13th and 14th editions of ADS and 1st, 2nd, 13th and 14th editions of LRFD. To learn more about our software, continue reading.

Steel Column Design Programs for Structural Engineering

Our program features a simple, intuitive graphic interface, as well as detailed reporting capabilities. Digital Canal’s software brings a higher level of quality to engineering software by letting the engineer view detailed, complete computation procedures for the design and code checking of steel members.

There are optional “Procedure Reports,” which list every computation used, as well as the computed value and where in the AISC manual the provision can be found. Summary reports can limit the output to only a single page. All of the reports are created in Rich Text Format what will automatically display in Microsoft Word or another similar word processor.

Our steel column design software for structural engineer firms has two modules: Steel Beam Design and Steel Beam/Column Design. The first is used to design or check continuous beams for shear, bending and deflections about the beam’s strong axis. The other designs or checks members that are subject to axial loads, end moments and transverse loads about both axes.

This steel column software for structural engineering is an engineer’s essential tool for those who design or check individual steel members such as:

Digital Canal’s Steel Design Series will increase the quality and quantity of your work compared to using AISC tables or other methods done “by hand.”

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