Static Lean Analysis Software

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If you’re in the market for soil-structure interaction problem software, Digital Canal has you covered. Our Static Lean software for vertical structures can be used to determine behavior of a pile, it can also be used to analyze sheet piles, poles, posts, walls and almost any structure that relies on skin friction or lateral soil support for stability.

Static Lean for Lateral Structure Software

Our Static Lean software for soil structure is an advanced engineering program that deals with a wide variety of non-linear behavior. However, there are only three input dialog boxes because the program is so simple to use. Some of the program’s key features include:

You don’t need to buy an engineering library or structural system to get our Static Lean analysis software for structures. It can be purchased separately.

About Digital Canal

At Digital Canal, we offer professional level engineering software, like our Static Lean software for vertical structures. In addition, we provide customer service and technical support from the actual developers of the software. There is no one better to get your answers from.

Our software is available in a live, working copy for you to evaluate it. We also have several aggressive sales promotions on our website that can save you money.

Our software is time-tested. It’s been in the industry for the last 20 years. Digital Canal may be a rather new entity, but our software products are not.

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