Retaining Wall Design Software

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If you are a builder or remodeler, you know that you need structural design software that will yield accurate estimates, bids and project documents. At Digital Canal, we offer award-winning software that is created with your technical team in mind — it is intuitive, cutting-edge retaining wall design software that gives you the confidence you need in your deliverables.

Our retaining wall design software allows your team to consider structural elements of the wall that could easily be missed or miscalculated during a manual design process. Give your design team the advantage when it comes to engineering the safest, most reliable retaining wall structures for your valued clients: Give them access to Digital Canal.


Retaining wall design software that gets the job done

Digital Canal is pleased to offer full suites of project management and design software, including our highly regarded Digital Canal Structural system. Not only is this suite of programs intended to support all types of structural engineering and building projects, it also improves productivity and accuracy by reducing documentation errors. Our program is the retaining wall design software that delivers:

  • A wide range of calculations for irregular walls (not generally supported by other programs)
  • Versatility to consider lateral pressure, with soil placed on virtually any point of the wall
  • Real-time updates with every change in input values
  • And quick integration with Microsoft Word or your chosen word processor

Your civil engineering and design team deserves a tool that will give them the utmost confidence in the stability and quality of their design. Digital Canal Structural and its associated modules is that retaining wall design software!

At Digital Canal, we pride ourselves on our client-facing systems, which include comprehensive end-user training to ensure a successful implementation, along with frequent updates and consistent evaluation of client feedback.

Ready to learn more about improving your processes with retaining wall design software? Let us show you how to improve efficiency and productivity with the help of our system. Contact Digital Canal now to schedule your no-cost demonstration. We can’t wait to get started working for you.