Masonry Wall Design Software For Engineers

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You might have searched for masonry design software for structural engineer firms and found that there are many available. At Digital Canal, we have three types of software designed to help your company with wall design and analysis. We know that you want masonry design programs for structural engineering that are easy to learn and use, provide excellent results and are affordable. Our programs are all that and much more.

Wall Design Programs for Structural Engineer Firms

Our Masonry Wall software has been updated to follow IBC 2012 and ACI 318-11 design codes. It will easily design masonry walls for axial and out-of-plane bending loads. Seismic and wind designs follow IBC 2012 and ASCE 7-10 design codes. At Digital Canal, our masonry walls can be constructed from concrete or clay masonry. Full or partial grouting can be used for reinforced walls. The masonry walls can be designed using both working stress and strength methods.

Our masonry wall design software programs also designs the wall for shear, deflections and P-delta efforts. The properties are automatically computed by the software using the block unit strength and the group properties. All you have to do is fill out a couple of simple tabbed forms and hit “Solve.”

Our latest wall design software for structural engineering includes graphics that update in real-time each time something is changed. Your reports will display automatically in Microsoft Word format or the word processor of your choice. There aren’t any toolbars, menus or anything else to get in the way of your design.

Our masonry design software for structural engineer firms is:

These are just a few of the features and benefits.

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