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In your search for flat slab design software for structural engineer firms, you should take a look at the products offered by Digital Canal. While our company may be relatively new, our products have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Our slab design programs for structural engineering allow you to analyze and design flat slab or waffle slab floors with ease.

Flat Slab Design Software Programs

Our flat slab design programs for structural engineering allow you to create flat slabs with drop panels at the columns. The columns may have capitals. The analyses are for a one-bay-wide strip using the equivalent frame analyses method of the ACI code. The strip may have cantilevers the ends and up to 20 spans.

At Digital Canal, we provide free trials for our software products. Depending on which products you are interested in, the free trial may last from five to 15 days. Our products are designed to handle 90 percent of your daily projects easily, quickly and with very little learning curve. Our intuitive graphics help make training very simple. All products also have clear and easy to use reporting capabilities. Custom report creation is also available.

Flat Slab Design Software for Structural Engineer Firms

The software products that Digital Canal offers have many more benefits, including:

We have more than 11,000 clients currently and the number keeps growing. Part of our success is the level of technical support we provide to our clients. You don’t just get a customer service representative when you call with a question – you get support directly from the actual developers of the software. Our clients rate our technical support as very good or excellent 92 percent of the time. That’s certainly something to consider when you’re looking for slab design software for structural engineering firms.

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