Composite Steel Design Programs For Engineers

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When you need composite steel design software for structural engineering, take a look at what Digital Canal has to offer. Our composite steel design software programs will design and check composite and encased beams using LRFD and ASD design codes. This is just one type of software that we offer for structural engineering firms. Our products are designed to handle 90 percent of your daily project easily, quickly and without a high learning curve.

Composite Steel Design Programs for Structural Engineer Firms

Our composite steel software for engineering firms provides you with the design features you need. Some of the technical specifications of this software include:

There are other specifications for our composite steel design software for structural engineering. You can download a live, working copy of the software for evaluation.

Our Company Philosophy

Our company may not be an old entity, but our products have stood the test of time for more than 20 years. We have more than 11,000 clients around the world. We know that in order to grow our company, we have to help you grow yours. That simple entrepreneurial formula is powerful and as an entrepreneurial company, we can focus our efforts on the structural design/building industry.

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