CAD Structural Design Software

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At Digital Canal, we provide CAD structural design software for engineering firms, as well as many other types of software programs. Our CAD structural software for structural engineering was designed to be fully integrated with AutoCAD. Unlike many other programs that are out there today, Frame Analysis & Design actually operates completely within AutoCAD to model, analyze and design structures. To learn more about this software, keep reading.

CAD Structural Design Programs for Structural Engineer Firms

In order to use our CAD structural design software programs, you only need a novice level of experience with AutoCAD. Those with even more experience will enjoy using the vast editing, documentation and visualization abilities of AutoCAD to create models easier and faster than what is possible with programs that have homemade graphic environments.

The backbone of the Frame Analysis and Design is the STRAAD Finite Element engine. This provides the reliability and accuracy that can only come from a program used on thousands of engineering works of all sizes. Some of the advanced features contained in STRAAD include:

CAD Structural Design Software for Engineering Firms

Digital Canal’s customer service and technical support is what truly sets us apart from the competition. We take a great deal of pride in our client support after the sale. Ninety-two percent of our clients rated our support as very good or excellent. We are not ones to push our support services off on our dealers. It’s impossible for them to provide our clients with the level of support that they receive from the actual software developers.

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