3D Frame Analysis Software For Engineers

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If you’re looking for the latest in easy-to-use, reliable 3D frame analysis programs for structural engineering firms or for your engineering department, Digital Canal has what you need. We know that you’re under pressure to meet deadlines, while designing solid structures. That’s why over 11,000 clients count on us to help them deliver solid results that will help them build their business.

What Is VersaFrame?

Our VersaFrame provides state-of-the art programming with the most advanced design and analysis tools available on the market. However, this 3D frame design software program is designed to be used easily by structural engineers. Our 3D frame design software for structural engineering requires minimal training for your team before being put into real-world use for your organization.

VersaFrame 3D frame design programs for structural engineering professionals are meant for use for low and medium rise buildings as well as industrial structures. Unless your project is a skyscraper, it should work for you.

Award-Winning Customer Support without the Middle Man

At Digital Canal, we partner directly with our clients for 3D frame design software for structural engineer firms and other products. That cuts out the mark-ups by middle men, because there are none. We provide technical support from experienced developers and product managers. Our clients choose the level of customer support that they need, so they don’t pay for what they don’t need.

We also provide a variety of training options, including software manuals, tutorials and online meeting applications. Of course, you can also work directly with one of our product specialists, if you prefer.

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We offer a free trial of our software products and a free demo so that you can use it before you purchase it. Call us or contact us today to find out more about our 3D frame design software for structural engineer firms and other products. Ask about our promotions for new clients and about our ongoing promotions.

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