Cloud-Based Structural Software

Cloud Computing Advantages

  • Flexibility — use anywhere at any time
  • Cloud modules are upgraded immediately
  • No need for authorizations or authorization codes
  • Reasonable monthly fee compared to our competitors

Cloud Computing Advantages

  • VersaFrame
  • Cold Formed Steel
  • Steel Design
  • Retaining wall
  • Spread Footing
  • Wind Analysis
  • Concrete Column Design
  • Concrete Beam Design
  • Masonry Wall
  • Timber Design
  • Shear Wall Analysis
  • Multiple Load Footing
  • Pile Group Analysis
  • Static Pile Analysis
  • Flat Slab Analysis & Design
  • Aluminum Design
  • General Section Properties
  • Composite Steel Design

Cold Formed Steel Design


  • A completely new program with a very attractive and simple user interface created using WPF technology
  • Program will design Flexural and Axial members for standard shapes defined by AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute)
  • These members will be designed in compliance with Cold Formed Steel Design Manual 2017 and in conjunction with AISI S100-16 specifications
  • ASD, LRFD, and LSD methods of designs will be available along with the respective load combinations

Aluminum Upgrades

  • Compliance with Aluminum Design Manual (ADM) 2015 – ASD and LRFD Methods
  • Standard Load Combinations specific to ASD and LRFD methods now available
  • A new shape – ZEE is included with the database which can be used for member design and check
  • Shear results and capacities are calculated for both major axis and minor axis
  • Total of 4 alloys: 6005A-T6, 6061-T6, 6063-T5, and 6063-T6 are now included for member design and check

Pile Cap Upgrades

  • Compliance with ACI 318-14 design code – Minimum steel requirement and development length criteria
  • Updated examples in the manual. Also updated section references to code sections
  • Updated hand calculation for example 4 based on ACI 318-14
  • Implemented additional error checking features

Timber Design Upgrades

  • Design and Check mode available for Timber Beam and Beam-Column in adherence to latest NDS 2018, IBS 2018 and ASCE 2016 Engineering Standards
  • Upgraded Timber section database to SQLITE database for better and faster software functionality
  • Snow Loads, Wind Loads and Load Combinations have been updated to follow respective sections of ASCE 7-16 Standards
  • New Deeper Timber sections added to 3-1/2” and 5-1/2” Glulam Southern and Glulam Western sections
  • User defined sections can now be saved and analyzed
  • Fixed section properties for single and double beam TJI sections
  • Fixed deflection diagrams when cantilever end / s present

Wind Analysis Upgrades

  • Implemented ASCE 7-16 wind provisions
  • Implemented External Pressure Coefficients and Design Wind Pressures for new zones (1′, 2e, 2n, 2r, 3e, 3r) for Gable and Hip Roofs – Components and Cladding
  • Revised tables of Chapter 30, Part 1 and Part 2 (Components and Cladding) have been implemented in the new Software
  • New wind maps are now available including for Hawaiian Islands
  • New wind maps for Risk Category IV are included
  • Relevant Figures and Table images taken directly from the ASCE 7-16 standard have been integrated and displayed in Software for reference

QuickWall Upgrades

  • Design concrete stem and foundation in compliance with ACI 318-14 Ultimate Strength Design
  • Design of masonry stem in compliance with IBC 2018 and TMS 402-16
  • Compressive strength of masonry based on the compressive strength of concrete masonry units of Type M mortar, updated to new specifications
  • Completely re-written using the latest advanced Microsoft technologies
    • Including to-scale graphics that update in real-time with every change in input values
    • Reports automatically display in Microsoft Word (or word processor of your choice)

Spread Footing Upgrades

  • Updated Design Code to ACI 2019
  • New load combinations as per ACI 2019
  • Better user control of load combinations including ability to delete multiple load combinations at once
  • RTF report has been reformatted for cleaner presentation and sharper print quality

Structural Engineering Design Software For Engineering Firms

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Structural Design Software for Engineering Firms

At Digital Canal, we offer 19 design software for engineering firms. Here is a sampling of our software products:

  • Retaining Wall
  • Steel Design
  • Wind Analysis
  • VersaFrame
  • Concrete Column Design
  • Pile Group Analysis

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Structural Engineering Design Software

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